Sorrento Positano and Naples Tour

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Journey through Sorrento’s charm, Positano’s beauty, & Naples’ history.  From scenic vistas to cultural landmarks, this 8-hour tour captures the essence of Italy.

  • Sorrento: Quaint streets and stunning scenery. 🛍️
  • Positano: Iconic pastel houses and shopping. 🎨
  • Naples: Royal Palace, Gallery, and Saint Gennaro Church. 🏰

💼 Duration: 8 hours.

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Explore Sorrento

Begin your journey in Sorrento, a charming town renowned for its picturesque views, cozy taverns, and vibrant shopping streets. From luxurious villas to welcoming hotels, Sorrento’s relaxed atmosphere is a treasure trove of Italian culture waiting to be explored.

Discover Positano

Next, marvel at Positano, where houses in warm pastel hues cling to cliffs. Enjoy a leisurely Italian lunch, capture stunning photographs, and take the time to explore the unique boutiques and scenic spots that make Positano unforgettable.

Experience Naples

Conclude your tour in Naples, a city of unparalleled beauty and historical wealth. Visit iconic landmarks, including the Royal Palace, the awe-inspiring Gallery, and the majestic New Castle. A stop at Saint Gennaro Church (Naples Cathedral) offers a profound glimpse into the spiritual heart of Naples.

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Naples City, Sorrento


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