Caserta Royal Palace plus Pompeii

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The Royal Palace, a symbol of Caserta and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most important monuments of the Italian artistic heritage. It was designed in the 18th Century by the architect Luigi Vanvitelli, according to the will of Charles III, Duke of Bourbon. The Reggia di Caserta (the Royal Palace) is an absolute masterpiece of architecture and decoration and houses many works of art.

The immense dwelling comprises four courtyards, over a thousand rooms, chapels, museums, and theatres. In the 120-hectare park surrounding it, wide boulevards, fountains, waterfalls, and magnificent gardens tell of a vibrant and refined lifestyle. The residence is an explosion of art, marble statues, paintings, stuccoes, and furniture that all speak of an immense fortune and good taste that one of the greatest and oldest European aristocratic families expressed.

During the catastrophe of 79 AD, Vesuvius buried the entire city of Pompeii. Today’s excavations represent one of the main tourist destinations in the Campania region, as they return the image of a Roman city. Pompeii has been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It has become a large archaeological park where you can admire the ancient Baths, the Temple of Venus, the Temple of Apollo, a pre-Roman basilica, the civil forum, the heart of the economy, religious and social life of the ‘ancient city. And yet the Macellum, the Temple of Jupiter, the Temple of Vespasian, and the Sanctuary of the Public Lares were protectors of the city. Pompeii is also a succession of Pompeian houses, both simple homes and domestic and sacred places simultaneously.

Here is the tour itinerary, but it is also possible if you want to stay in one of the towns for longer and in another town for less. Keep in mind that the first hour of the tour is free; you also can change the order of the following stops amongst each other:

  • 8:00 -8.30 am  pick up at port/airport/hotel/train station;
  • Royal Palace in Caserta- 2hr to explore the town on your own;
  • lunchtime in one of the best restaurants in this area;
  • the trip proceeds to Pompeii- up to 2 hours to explore the ancient city.

The driver will provide information about the sites, stop for pictures, and admire the view.

During the tour, we will recommend where to have lunch.

The itinerary can be changed depending on the pickup location.

You can request a certified Campania Region Tourist Guide by contacting us after you have completed your purchase and received your Voucher.

Please note that entrance to the Pompeii Archaeological site is not included and costs € 19 per person.

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