Dive into Naples: a street food odyssey!

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Still on the fence about your Naples adventure? Let me paint a picture: Cast aside all preconceived notions and open your eyes to Naples, Italy’s coastal gem. It’s not just another touristy city. It’s a canvas of artistic flair, alternative vibes, and a history that remains unchanged yet ever-present.

Join me on this journey, and I promise that every nook and cranny of Naples will beckon you with secrets and wonders, leaving a thirst to return for more.

Naples isn’t just a destination; it’s a living postcard—a city where history shakes hands with the present. Envision coastlines, rolling hills, iconic squares, majestic castles guarding its honor, churches narrating tales of yore, opulent palaces, and pizzerias weaving magic—all this, nestled under the watchful eyes of the world-famous Vesuvius volcano.

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Embark on a culinary odyssey amidst Naples’ splendors, savoring legendary delights. Experience age-old recipes like sfogliatella, baba, and pastiera, each echoing Naples’ love and legacy. Relish exquisite ingredients like creamy ricotta and luscious creams. We start with breakfast at a quintessential bar in the heart of Naples, progressing to ancient alleyways flanked by grand structures, biting into the irresistible cuoppo (The Neapolitan fried cuoppo, also known as cuppetiello, epitomizes authentic street food from Naples. This delightful treat is presented in an absorbent paper cone brimming with fried bites.

Its roots trace back to the 1800s when the less fortunate would purchase the day’s unsold smaller fish fragments at the market, usually on an 8-day deferred payment. These tidbits were then coated in batter, deep-fried, and savored on the go. A typical Cuoppo boasts an array of fried delicacies, including anchovies, salt cod, seaweed-infused zeppole di mare, golden-brown calamari rings, and tender muscadine), zeppole and crocchè (Crocchè is a staple of Neapolitan street food, made with yellow-fleshed potatoes and a crispy breadcrumb coat. Thought to have origins in 18th-century French croquettes or Spain’s “croquetas de jambon,” it’s now a favorite found in Naples’ fry shops and pizzerias).

Our day would only be complete with savoring a foldover pizza in an authentic pizzeria, after which we’ll indulge in almond-rich taralli seasoned with a hint of pepper. (Hailing from the southern regions of Italy, Taralli are iconic Italian treats that resemble a fusion between breadsticks and pretzels. Whether you prefer them plain or packed with taste, Taralli perfectly complements a glass of wine or beer as a dunked delight or a side snack.). I’ll regale tales of our history and time-honored traditions as we feast.

Meeting point + Tour duration:

Where to Meet?

Castel Nuovo’s grand entrance. Look for a sign with your name!

How long?

A delightful 3 hours!


We’ll tread the pathways – on foot!

What’s included:

Expert guiding services

A taste of Naples: Sfogliatella or baba’, coffee, Italian cuoppo, foldover pizza, tarallo, and a refreshing drink.

What’s extra:

Take note: Museum Entrance Fees need to be covered.

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